Danny Sheehan:  Owner/ designer/ builder/ rider/ emailer /facebooker/ instagrag’erer.

I have been skateboarding and snowboarding most of my life and after breaking my leg in 03, I have not been comfortable in boots since.  I was ultimately left with the decision to snowskate or not shred the snow anymore.  Snowskate it was.  Not happy with the products available I started building out boards with different snowlerblades and kids skis.  The results were better than expected.  The idea to start a brand was more of a “product of necessity” and not so much pushing snowskating to the mainstream.  In 2005 I started looking into getting skis made.  I already owned my painting company so it seemed logicial to sub out the manufacturing. Problem was at the time the snow industry was shifting to China and all the small o.e.m. shops were either closing or too busy to take on work.  I spent a year getting the runaround and ended up getting some skis made through a China connection.  They were a quick fix but ultimately I knew this wasn’t the direction I wanted to go.  So I thought “fuck it” and got to work buying tools.  Lots of them.  It took a while but I started pressing my own subs in late fall of 09.

This is where I should be telling you how rad the product is but instead lets make it a bit personal.

Ralston Snowskate Facebook

Ski building isn’t something you can go and learn in school.  The first two years was quite the crash course in ski production and shop improvements but fortunately there were only like 75 snowskaters in the world.  So if you are reading this and bought a board that blew apart thanks for sticking around.  I can say I defiantly built up the warranty department early on.  Fortunately those days are over and the product and manufacturing process has been proven solid for quite some time.  For me it was and still is all about building out my shop and developing high performance skids at a competitive price. Better boards breed better riders.  Having the ability to take an idea to the slopes is what it is all about.

Wanting to build snowskate subdecks is hands down the most insane, possibly stupid,  and rewarding endeavor I have ever undertook in my life.

I currently offer over 6 different models for different styles of riding.  Park boards to performance carving sticks and everything in between.  Fortunately I have been able to work with some of the best riders in the world in designing the most progressive line on the market.  Being able to produce a wide variety of designs in small batches is pushing the future of what is possible on a snowskate.

Fast forward 11 years to today and I’m still building boards in my garage. Product is still limited.  This website is still super basic.  I’m also still painting houses.  And being a father.  Life is good.  Thanks to everybody who has helped along the way.  See you on the slopes.