Questions about snowskating?

We got the answers.

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What kind of grip should I use?

People either prefer foam or extreme grip depending on shoes or conditions.

What kind of shoes should I use?

There are a few snowskate specific shoes available from Volcom, DC and DVS.  For the most part you are looking for a waterproof winter skate shoe.  Mainly a flat skate style sole and a warmer hightop.  You can nikwax them up and make them waterproof if you have to.

What size skate should I use?

It depends on style and conditions.  A short ski will be better for tricks where as a long ski is more of a cruiser.   Short skis are good for firmer snow.  Something a little larger, like the 41 wide or the dudeski, is better for  sloppy spring conditions or a few inches or more of fresh pow.

What trucks should I use?

We recommend Rocker Trucks.  They do it right.

What hardware should I use?

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