Welcome to the Ralston Snowskates Store.  New product is looking better than ever.  I put a lot of hours into retooling the shop this summer and the results are obvious.  Building skis is kind of a secret craft which takes years of mistakes and failure to perfect.  Luckily I have been at it for a while. Our manufacturing process is dialed in and ready for the future.  All boards feature vertically laminated bamboo cores and the highest grade composites.  These are the best boards money can buy.

Like last season, I am no longer selling completes.  There are plenty of skateboards readily available and compatible with our subs. Yes there are guys that sell snowskate specific decks but I like to believe in skateboard specific subs.  Obviously obnoxious kicks help boards Ollie but they are beyond uncomfortable for everyday riding.  Ralston is known for delivering the “pop” and it has nothing to do with topdeck design.  The true freedom in snowskating is finding the right skatedeck for your needs.

Info on how to order from this site: All details on the Ralston Snowskates and accessories that I sell are listed below. All links to other skate companies to purchase a decks are highlighted in Blue and will link you directly to the product (links above as well). Add the product you want using PayPal buttons below  -> On your way to the mountain.






14/15 TEAM 35

TEAM 35″ $199

(  SPECS  ) 

Nose: 5 7/8″    Waist: 5 3/4″   Tail: 5 1/2″  Inserts: 1.25″ x 14″

This is the board most of the team rides. Hands down, the TEAM 35” is the most progressive park board available. It is compatible to just about any skateboard. I recommend getting a 32-33″ X 8.5″ with a 15″   wheelbase. The inserts on the sub are at 14″ but the Fulcrum Trucks allow fit.

  $199 + Shipping  





(  SPECS  )

Nose: 6″    Waist: 4 7/8″   Tail: 5 1/2″ Inserts: 1.25″ x 17″

The SUPERPARK 38″ is the board I ride.  It is a bigger version of the team board.  Works great with any 34-35″ skateboard, I am running a 34.5” X 8.75″ December and/or a Rayne Renegade.  Inserts on the sub are 17″ but the Fulcrum Trucks will give you optionsfro 16″ to 19″.  I recommend 16.5″.

$199 + Shipping  

Email for availability.






(  SPECS  )

Nose: 5 7/8″    Waist: 4 3/8″   Tail: 5 3/8″ Inserts 1.25″ x 17″

This is our “classic” shape.  The STANDARD 41” has been the crowd favorite since 2007.  Same as last seasons 3rd generation design.  This is the “easiest, most fun to ride board” you can get your hands on.  Spicolli coined it a “beginner board”.  Narrower than most it is the perfect choice for females or humans with smaller feet.  Recommended skateboard size 35″-38″ X 8.5″-9″ ish.

$199 + Shipping  





 41 WIDE41 WIDE $209


Nose:6 5/8″   Waist :5 1/8″  Tail:5 7/8″ Inserts:1.25″ x  17″

A lot of guys like the 41″ size for there everyday board.  This is the new quiver killer.  Originally designed as a larger park stick it has proven to be much more.

$209 + Shipping

Email for availability. 







Isabella 42

This is highest performing carving board available today period. Isabella is the only board on the market that is designed for the turn.  Stiffer than the rest of the line with an extra long running length. Early rise nose putting contact point right in front of the front truck allows you to drive your turns like never before. The Isabella is built for speed and control.


length 42″  (running length 35.5″)

nose: 6″    waist: 4 5/8″    tail 5 5/8″

inserts: 17 x 1.25″  (2″ setback on running length/ 2.5″ overall)


Email for availability.






DUDESKI 45DUDESKI 45.5″ $230

(  SPECS  )

Nose: 7″    Waist: 5 1/2″   Tail: 6 1/4″ Inserts 1.25″ X 17″

*I have a few seconds kicking around.  $130 + shipping.















Light, strong, adjustable. Featuring flex ramp technology for added pop.









Ralston Snowskates Grip

Ralston Snowskates Grip



10.5″ x  38″ , 1/8″ thick, closed cell EVA foam. Industry standard.







IMG_20141209_141645~2UNGI BUNGI CLASSIC LEASH $27.00
The most important ally in the battle to prove binding free activities are here to stay is a solid leash that keeps your ride controlled. With over 6 years of proven product performance and a lifetime warranty – the UNGI BUNGI Leash rules.FEATURES:
1/4 inch Urethane Cord Configured for Minimal Snap Back
Stainless Steel Swivel Keeps Leash Tangle Free
Double Velcro Connection for your Ride
Enlarged Velcro Enclosed Loop for your Person allows attachment to many Zones (Ankle, Calf, Arm, or Load Tested Belt)
Made in the USA
Improved Recoil Reduction technology and extended travel
Increased UV Resistance
More Floaty Design with a Lighter Density Cord
2 Feet in added Length
1/4 inch coreless Urethane Cord Engineered for Recoil Reduction
Brass Swivel Keeps Leash Tangle Free
Double Velcro Connection for your Ride
Enlarged Velcro Enclosed Loop for your Person
Made in the USA